-What word of three syllables contains twenty-six letters?

-What letter is an insect?

-What can fly but has no wings?
+T I M E

-Whar´s between valley and mountain?
+The word "and"

-What is the longest word in the English language?
+ S M I L E S

-Why can´t you sleep in the class?
+Because the teacher talks too loudly

-Waiter! There´s a frog in my soup!
+Yes Sir. The fly is on holidays.

-Dad, there´s a man at the door. He´s collecting for the new swimming-pool.
+OK. Give him a glass of water.

Boss: How many people work in this office, Smith?
Smith: About half of them, sir.

-How do you call a gorilla with a banana in each ear?
+Anything. He can´t hear you.

-What´s in the middle of Paris?
+The letter “r”.

Teacher: Did your sister help you with your homework?
Boy: No, Miss, She did it all.

-Your dog hasn´t got a nose! How does it smell?

-Why can´t you milk a mouse?
+Because you can´t put a bucket under it.